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Attribution: see contributors in the history of this template, but most notably:
  1. User:Els236 aka Eleiyas

This page is basically to show new users how to create an item page.

  • See below for usage details.

[[File:"Item Category" "Item Name".png|right|200px]]

=='''"Item Name"'''==

* Unlocked By: [[- -]] /OR/ ?? [[File:Misc FragmentIcon.png|30px|link=Blueprint Fragments|Blueprint Fragments]]
* Blueprint Rarity: [[File:GoldStarIcon.png|30px|Rare]] // [[File:SilverStarIcon.png|30px|Uncommon]]
* Item Level:
* Base Power: +- - {{Misc Power Icon}}
* Item Ability: {{"Item Skill"}}

{{Item Skill Requirements}}

=='''Phases of Construction'''==

: All blueprints have 5 phases of construction on the way to mastering an item. Each phase can unlock additional perks for that particular item or can open up a new blueprint for you to make.

{{Phase 1}}

{{Phase 2}}

{{Phase 3}}

{{Phase 4}}

{{Phase 5}}

{{Item Mastery Cost}}

{{Used In}}

{{Item Craft Time|time = 0}}

{{Price50Percent|price = 0}}

{{ShopExp|exp = 0}}

{{ItemPower|power = 0}}



[[Category:"Item Category"]]

When modifying the contents of "Phase 1-5":

Iron/Wood/Leather/Hardwood/etc... - Resource used per craft

Component 1/Component 2 - Either
{{SResource "Special Resource" Icon}}
or you'll need to use my template:

Component Amount - amount of the component needed

Crafts - amount of crafts needed to advance

Perk - here you need to use one of my templates:

When modifying the contents of "Item Mastery Cost":

Please refer to: Template:Item Mastery Cost

When modifying the other templates:

Price50Percent - only need to type in the base price of the item, before perks

ShopExp - only need to type in common quality shop exp gained

ItemPower - only need to type in common quality item power rating

UpgradeCost - only need to type in upgrade cost from Good-Great

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