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Hero Item Affinity - Boots
Yellow Boots Affinity Yellow White Boots Affinity White Light grey Boots (LGrey) Dark Grey Boots (DGrey)
Irene Icon
Theor Icon
Kurul Icon
Clovis Icon
Karal Icon
Lancaster Icon


Basic Blueprints
Boots Heavy Boots Blueprint

Heavy Boots
Level 1
Unlocked by Banded Mail

Boots Rider's Boots Blueprint

Rider's Boots
Level 3
Unlocked by Banded Mail

Boots Chain Greaves Blueprint

Chain Greaves
Level 4
Unlocked by Rider's Boots

Boots Plated Boots Blueprint

Plated Boots
Level 6
Unlocked by Chain Greaves

Boots Traveling Boots Blueprint

Traveling Boots
Level 8
Unlocked by Plated Boots

Boots Red Boots Blueprint

Red Boots
Level 10
Unlocked by Traveling Boots

Boots Explorer Boots Blueprint

Explorer Boots
Level 13
Unlocked by Red Boots

Boots Sabaton Blueprint

Level 15
Unlocked by Explorer Boots

Boots Warrior's Greaves Blueprint

Warrior's Greaves
Level 18
Unlocked by Sabaton

Boots Knight Riders Blueprint

Knight Riders
Level 21
Unlocked by Warrior's Greaves

Boots Silvered Greaves Blueprint

Silvered Greaves
Level 25
Unlocked by Knight Riders

Boots Lord's Boots Blueprint

Lord's Boots
Level 29
Unlocked by Silvered Greaves

Boots Frost Sabatons Blueprint

Frost Sabatons
Level 32
Unlocked by Lord's Boots

Boots Earthshakers Blueprint

Level 34
Unlocked by Frost Sabatons

Boots King's Boots Blueprint

King's Boots
Level 37
Unlocked by Earthshakers

Boots Adamantium Boots Blueprint

Adamantium Boots
Level 40
Unlocked by King's Boots

Boots Royal Greaves Blueprint

Royal Greaves
Level 43
Unlocked by Adamantium Boots

Chest Blueprints
Boots Moon Boots Blueprint

Moon Boots
Level 9
Unlocked by Wooden Chest

Boots Lion Boots Blueprint

Lion Boots
Level 12
Unlocked by Leather Chest

Boots Flame Greaves Blueprint

Flame Greaves
Level 27
Unlocked by Golden Chest

Boots Magic Riders Blueprint

Magic Riders
Level 30
Unlocked by Golden Chest

Boots Skull Stompers Blueprint

Skull Stompers
Level 38
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Boots Draconic Greaves Blueprint

Draconic Greaves
Level 39
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Boots Obsidian Greaves Blueprint

Obsidian Greaves
Level 47
Unlocked by Dwarvish Chest

Boots Titan's Feet Blueprint

Titan's Feet
Level 50
Unlocked by Primal Chest

Package Blueprints
Boots Valkyrie Boots Blueprint

Valkyrie Boots
Level 14
Unlocked by Warrior Package

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