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Chests can be obtained from sending your heroes out on quests. Chests contain special blueprints, rare resources, or items of varying quality (usually great or above). In the trade house, chests of item level more than 5 above your player level are not visible to you. For example, if you are level 5, you can see Wooden and Leather chests, but not above. The list of blueprints available only from chests can be found at Chest Blueprint List. The odds of a chest being found at a quest seem to be related to how many of that chest you have in your inventory: having none of them seems to significantly increase drop rate over having many of them.


Chest keys are found after quests (only a small chance with a six heroes team, no chance with smaller teams), in the roulette, in bags, and on the trade house. Some of the Special Orders also offer keys as reward, though not all of them. 

Chest Type iLvl Misc GemIcon to open Key Dungeon
Wooden Chest 1 25 Key chest wood City Sewers, Forbidden Meadow, Gloomy Manor, and Haunted Forest
Leather Chest 10 50 Key chest leather Catacombs, Mountain Hideout, Ancient Ruins, and Pirate's Cove
Iron Chest 16 100 Key chest iron Desert of Doom, Plague Lake, Dead River, Unholy Land and City Raid - medium
Golden Chest 25 250 Key chest gold Orcish Valley, Old Tower, Lost Labyrinth, and Heretic Temple
Magic Chest 35 500 Key chest magic Hellish Abyss, Pyramid, Floating Island, Dragons' Nest, and Chaos Gate
Dwarvish Chest 40 500 Key chest dwarvish Uncharted Jungle, Ice Palace, Ring of Fire, City Raid - hard
Primal Chest 45 750 Key chest primal City Raids

Note: when the player already has a raid's blueprint, the 25th raid milestone gives the primal chest, but doesn't give the primal key. Primal keys have been confirmed to exist in the Champion bags gotten from Arena (PvP) Tier Rank 4.

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