The counter stores your Energy (heart symbol). Starting at level 3, you can suggest another item (costs energy), discount (you gain energy), surcharge (costs energy), compliment (may lose 1 heart or gain some), refuse (no gain and no loss of energy, however that hero will not return for longer than usual), or sell an item to a customer (gain some hearts based on number and level of your Racks).

The Counter counts as one piece of furniture, and can not be placed in your warehouse (that is, it can't be removed from your shop).

Level Energy

CapacityMisc HeartIcon




Misc GemIcon



Level Lvl1Icon 20 N/A N/A N/A
Level Lvl2Icon 24 500 50 2m
Level Lvl3Icon 28 1k 75 5m
Level Lvl4Icon 32 5k 100 10m
Level Lvl5Icon 36 10k 125 30m
Level Lvl6Icon 40 25k 150 1h 4x3
Level Lvl7Icon 50 50k 200 2h
Level Lvl8Icon 60 125k 250 4h
Level Lvl9Icon 70 250K 300 8h
Level Lvl10Icon 80 500k 350 16h
Level Lvl11Icon 90 1M 400 1d 5x3
Level Lvl12Icon 100 5M 450 1.5d
Level Lvl13Icon 120 25M 500 2d
Level Lvl14Icon 140 100M 750 3d
Level Lvl15Icon 200 500M 1000 5d

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