\frac {\text{crafting requirement for skill 1}}{\text {total points for skill 1}}+\frac {\text{item crafting requirement for skill 2}}{\text{total points for skill 2}}+\text {...}=\text {crafting time (min)}

For those like me who can't read the right side of the formula, it's: ... = crafting time(minutes)

The more points assigned in a skill, the faster your workers will produce items that require that skill. More exactly, the time taken to craft an item is the sum of the contributions from each skill required to craft the item. For example: Your two workers are the Blacksmith Blacksmith Icon and the Carpenter Carpenter Icon. You distributed their skill points as shown in the table below:

Skill Name Workers Total
Blacksmith Icon Carpenter Icon
Weapon Crafting Weapon Crafting 5 3 8
Metal Working Metal Working 6 NA 6
Wood Working Wood Working NA 10 10

A Parrying Dagger Daggers ParryingDaggerIcon requires 16 Weapon Crafting and 18 Metal Working. The table below shows that it takes 5 minutes to craft:

Daggers ParryingDaggerIcon

Blacksmith Icon+Carpenter Icon

Crafting time

in minutes

Weapon Crafting 16 8 16 / 8 = 2
Metal Working 18 6 18 / 6 = 3
Total crafting time: 2 + 3 = 5

If your Blacksmith and Carpenter combined had a total of 40 Weapon Crafting and 24 Metal Working, the Parrying Dagger would instead take (16 / 40) + (18 / 24) = 2/5 + 3/4 minutes = 69 seconds.

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