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There are 2 currencies available in Shop Heroes.

The first is gold Coin and the second is gems Misc GemIcon


Gold is the currency that is earned in-game by:

  • Selling items to your Heroes

Gold can be used for:

  • Buying items from your Heroes
  • Upgrading Shop furniture
  • Investing in the City


Gems are the premium currency that are acquired by:

  • Buying them with real money
  • Completing Achievements (often the gems are in small quantities)
  • Successfully completing a Story Quest (often the gems are in small quantities)

Gems can be used for:

  • Outfitting your Avatar
  • Instantly upgrading Shop furniture
  • Rushing build timers / upgrade timers / quest timers
  • Repairing broken items
  • Investing in the City (I wouldn't recommend using gems in this way)

See " Micro-Transaction Store " for a list of prices.

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