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"Captain of the mighty caravel Le Voyageur Darthos has sailed many seas. His seafaring days have been cut short by the grounding of his ship 5 years ago."
Darthos is a Rogue unlocked by the Theater. Investing in the Theater will grant him experience points and will also boost his power temporarily. Leveling up the Theater increases his level cap.


Weapons Swords Affinity Green Guns Affinity Green Daggers Affinity Yellow
Armor Vests Affinity Green Hats Affinity Green Helmets Affinity Yellow Bracers Affinity Green Boots Affinity Green
Accessories Rings Affinity Green Shields Affinity Yellow Projectiles Affinity Green Remedies Affinity Yellow


Level 8. Wise - 50% experience bonus.

Level 16. Speed Runner - Reduce the quest duration by 25% (when leading).

Level 22. Brothers-in-arms - Increase the survival rate of male party members by 25% (when leading).

Hero Quests

As you raise your heroes' levels you will be able to send them out on personal quests, earning you exp, gems, and some background story on the character.

Quest 1 -

"Quest Text"
Hero -
Equipment -
Hero -
Equipment -
Recommended Power -
Xp Gained -
Quest Time -
Quest Reward -

Quest 2 - Ye Old Crew

"Mon old crew is le captured. I must find them to regain my former gloire. Only then can I be truly satisfait."
Hero - Darthos
Equipment - Good Black Stock
Hero - Irene
Equipment - Knight Riders
Hero - Minh
Equipment - Plumed Loafers
Recommended Power -
Xp Gained -
Quest Time - 20h
Quest Reward - 15 gems

Quest 3 - Disappearing Act

"Le truth is, I do not want to go on the sea again. I love le Théâtre a lot... I know! I will disappear in a grandiose act!"
Hero - Darthos
Equipment - Good Silvered Greaves
Hero - Irene
Equipment - Good Demon's Blood
Hero - Minh
Equipment - Common Imperial Mantle
Hero - Oneira
Equipment - Common Imperial Sandals
Recommended Power -
Xp Gained -
Quest Time -
Quest Reward - Gems

Flavor Text

Greeting - "Je voudrais une croissant."
Discount - "Omelette du fromage."
Surcharge - "Je ne understand pass..."
Compliment Success - "Hon hon hon! Baguette!"
Compliment Failure - "Ananas!"
- "Qu'est-ce que ca?, What is this?"
- " Ah oui sweetheart, c'est vrai."
Refuse - "Sapristi!"
Sell - " Voila my passport! "

Experience Chart

Hero Level Experience Needed
Level 1 N/A
Level 2 30
Level 3 100
Level 4 210
Level 5 400
Level 6 740
Level 7 1,250
Level 8 2,050
Level 9 3,250
Level 10 5,000
Level 11 8,600
Level 12 13,000
Level 13 19,500
Level 14 28,500
Level 15 42,000
Level 16 60,500
Level 17 87,500
Level 18 125,000
Level 19 180,000
Level 20 255,000
Level 21 395,000
Level 22 560,000
Level 23 790,000
Level 24 1,100,00
Level 25 1,550,000
Level 26 2,200,000
Level 27 3,050,000
Level 28 4,300,000
Level 29 6,000,000
Level 30 8,350,000
Level 31 13,500,000
Level 32 19,000,000
Level 33 26,500,000
Level 34 37,500,000
Level 35 52,000,000
Level 36 72,500,000
Level 37 100,000,000
Level 38 140,000,000
Level 39 195,000,000
Level 40 275,000,000
Captain Darthos


His name is likely a combination of the The Three Musketeers characters D'Artagnan, Aramis, Athos and Porthos. Unlike Irene the Musketeer, he was a privateer captain who now "stranded" in the Oneira's Theater.

His responses are french, but they barely have anything to do with shopping.