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Decorations do not count towards the furniture limit, so you can have as many as you want. Decorations can't be upgraded. Some decorations increase the maximum amount of energy. Some decorations may be purchased with Coin gold, some with Misc GemIcon gems.

Decoration Score Amount Cost Player level Category
Coin Misc GemIcon
Ardoise 1 1,500 NA 10 Exterior
Basic Plant 5 4 500 Furniture
Red Square Carpet 5 2 500 Carpet
Toast Carpet 5 NA 250 Carpet
Torch 10 10 1,000 Walls
Window 3 4 300 Walls

Some decorations can only be gotten through special promotions.


Welcome Mat
Red Square Carpet
Round Rug
Brown Square Rug
Key Floor Mat
500 Coin 500 Coin 500 Coin  ?? Coin 75,000 Coin
Pirate Carpet
Fish Mat
Bacon & Egg Carpet
6 Misc HeartIcon 2 Misc HeartIcon 3 Misc HeartIcon
750 Misc GemIcon 100 Misc GemIcon 300 Misc GemIcon

Package Decorations

  • Note: The only way to obtain these decorations is by buying the corresponding package. Check Packages for more details.
Current Packages
Warrior Statue
Wizard Statue
Ninja Statue
Magic Anvil
10 Misc HeartIcon 10 Misc HeartIcon 10 Misc HeartIcon +5% Crafting-Time Bonus
Warrior Package Wizard Package Ninja Package Advanced Shopfare Package
Time-Limited Packages
Tombstone Statue
Turkey Feast
Crystal Pylon
10 Misc HeartIcon 10 Misc HeartIcon 10 Misc HeartIcon 10 Misc HeartIcon
Halloween Package Thanksgiving Package Holiday Package Winter Package

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