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Footwear is used by adventurers in the Shoes slot. They are crafted using Textile Working, Wood Working and Arts And Crafts. They are unlocked by crafting Club several times.


Basic Blueprints
Footwear Sandals Blueprint

Level 1
Unlocked by Club

Footwear Shoes Blueprint

Level 2
Unlocked by Sandals

Footwear Leather Shoes Blueprint

Leather Shoes
Level 4
Unlocked by Shoes

Footwear Fur Loafers Blueprint

Fur Loafers
Level 6
Unlocked by Leather Shoes

Footwear Light Boots Blueprint

Light Boots
Level 7
Unlocked by Fur Loafers

Footwear Dancer Shoes Blueprint

Dancer Shoes
Level 9
Unlocked by Light Boots

Footwear Legion Sandals Blueprint

Legion Sandals
Level 11
Unlocked by Dancer Shoes

Footwear Horned Shoes Blueprint

Horned Shoes
Level 14
Unlocked by Legion Sandals

Footwear Golden Shoes Blueprint

Golden Shoes
Level 17
Unlocked by Horned Shoes

Footwear Plumed Loafers Blueprint

Plumed Loafers
Level 21
Unlocked by Golden Shoes

Footwear Imperial Sandals Blueprint

Imperial Sandals
Level 25
Unlocked by Plumed Loafers

Footwear Genji Getas Blueprint

Genji Getas
Level 28
Unlocked by Imperial Sandals

Footwear Floating Slippers Blueprint

Floating Slippers
Level 31
Unlocked by Genji Getas

Footwear Wind Walkers Blueprint

Wind Walkers
Level 35
Unlocked by Floating Slippers

Footwear Arcane Sandals Blueprint

Arcane Sandals
Level 37
Unlocked by Wind Walkers

Footwear Adamantium Shoes Blueprint

Adamantium Shoes
Level 39
Unlocked by Arcane Sandals

Footwear Jade Shoes Blueprint

Jade Shoes
Level 43
Unlocked by Adamantium Shoes

Chest Blueprints
Footwear Elven Boots Blueprint

Elven Boots
Level 8
Unlocked by Wooden Chest

Footwear Moon Walkers Blueprint

Moon Walkers
Level 15
Unlocked by Leather Chest

Footwear Winged Sandals Blueprint

Winged Sandals
Level 22
Unlocked by Iron Chest

Footwear Path Finders Blueprint

Path Finders
Level 29
Unlocked by Golden Chest

Footwear Planeswalkers Blueprint

Level 38
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Footwear Draconic Boots Blueprint

Draconic Boots
Level 40
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Footwear Frostfire Shoes Blueprint

Frostfire Shoes
Level 45
Unlocked by Dwarvish Chest

Footwear Firewalkers Blueprint

Level 49
Unlocked by Primal Chest

Package Blueprints
Footwear Druidic Shoes Blueprint

Druidic Shoes
Level 3
Unlocked by Wizard Package

Footwear Hopping Shoes Blueprint

Hopping Shoes
Level 44
Unlocked by Easter Package