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The fourth type of Chest found in the game. Golden chests can be found in the following dungeons: Orcish Valley, Old Tower, Lost Labyrinth, and Heretic Temple.

They can also be bought from the Trade House

  • Golden Chests can be automatically opened for 250 Misc GemIcon.
  • Note: Golden Chest Keys price may vary (around 220Misc GemIcon) in the Trade House





All, in alphabetical order: Abyssal Brand, Apocalyptus, Chaos Armor, Coldsteel, Crusader Ring, Crystal Shield, Elixir, Evil Seal, Exploding Darts, Freezing Ward, Frost Sabatons, Golden Crown, Golden Strings, King's Gauntlets, Magic Riders, Moon Voulge, Oiled Leather, Path Finders, Phoenix Helmet, Power Seal, Prayer Ring, Rejuvenating Tea, Resistance Band, Runic Tiara, Sacred Scepter, Seeking Kunai, Sharp Tusk, Shielding Ward, Shockers, Silver Fork, Singing Chakram, Sorcerer Robe, Storm Apparel, Widow Maker, Wise Cap, Flame Greaves, Wyrm Hide, Wyrm Horn, Ygg Flute.

Special Resources

Golden chests may contain 8, 12, or 15 special resources. Types of resources: Dark Energy SResource DarkEnergyIcon , Golden Thread SResource GoldenThreadIcon, and Phoenix Feather SResource PhoenixFeatherIcon.


The following items have been found in Golden Chests. In terms of quantity, expect 2-3 items per chest when their quality is Misc QGreatIcon, ? when Misc QEpicIcon, ? when Misc QFlawlessIcon, and 1 when Misc QLegendaryIcon.

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