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The second type of Chest found in the game. Leather chests can be found in the following locations: Catacombs, Mountain Hideout, Ancient Ruins, and Pirate's Cove.

They can also be bought from the Trade House

  • Leather Chests can be automatically opened for 50 Misc GemIcon.
  • Note: Since the release of Special Orders, Leather Chest Keys can be found cheaper in the Trade House


In alphabetical order:

Crimson Heart, Fire Blade, Gold Digger, Grandmaster Gloves, Ice Cloak, Iron Flute, Lion Boots, Moon Walkers, Moonlight Cap, Moonlight Gauntlets, Moonplate, Pain Totem, Raccoon Ranger, Rifle, Seeking Tip, Tiamat, Toxic Bomb, Tree Trunk, and Wind Charm.

Special Resources

Leather chests may contain 10, 15, 20, 30, or even (very rarely) 50 special resources. Types of resources: Rainbow Dust SResource RainbowDust, Moon Shard SResource MoonShardIcon, and Iron Carapace SResource IronCarapaceIcon.


The following items have been found in Leather Chests (in alphabetical order). In terms of quantity, expect 2-3 items per chest when their quality is Misc QGreatIcon, 1-2 when Misc QFlawlessIcon, 1-2 when Misc QEpicIcon, and 1 when Misc QLegendaryIcon.

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