Loot Bags

Loot Bags are a new type of "mini-chest" added to the game with the Easter 2016 Patch.

As with chests, all loot bags can contain various different level-respective items and resources, however loot bags are limited to great-legendary quality equipment.

Unlike chests, loot bags are 100% free to open and can also contain Blueprint Fragments.

There are 4 different types of loot bag:

Treasure Bag

Treasure Bag
  • The lowest-level bag available.
  • Same loot-table as Wooden/Leather Chest

Mysterious Bag

Mysterious Bag
  • Mid-tier level bag
  • Same loot-table as Iron/Gold Chest

Wondrous Bag

Wondrous Bag
  • High-tier level bag
  • Same loot-table as Magic/Dwarvish Chest

Champion Bag

  • Highest-tier level bag
  • Same loot-table as Primal Chest