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The fifth type of Chest found in the game. Magic chests can be found in the following dungeons: Hellish Abyss, Pyramid, Floating Island, Dragon's Nest, and Chaos Gate.

They can also be bought from the Trade House

  • Magic Chests can be automatically opened for 500 Misc GemIcon.
  • Note: Magic Chest Keys are going to be very expensive (a lot more than 500 Misc GemIcon) in the Trade House


Weapons: Stormbringer, Dragonslayer, Betrayer, Seven Stars, Dragon Fang, Infernal Rage, Ragnarok's Edge, Night Spike, Divine Ray, Evening Star, Hundred Ton, Star Wand, Emperor Wand, Sun King, Evelyn, Dragon Eye, Adamantium Crossbow, Judgement, Bomb Launcher, Nordic Warfare

Garments: Eldritch Mail, Gaia's Foretress, Draconic Plate, Shadow Lurker, Dragon Skin, Dragonscale Helmet, Adamantium Helm, Dragonscale Gauntlets, Adamantium Fists, Skull Stompers, Draconic Greaves, Plasmic Robe, Archwizard Robe, Dragon Skull, Giantshield, Thunder Crown, Demonic Visage, Freezing Bracers, Nightstalker Gloves, Death Grip, Planeswalker, Draconic Boots

Accessories: Panacea, Magic Seed, Megalixir, God's Essence, Return Scroll, Divine Tome, Exploding Darts, Heart Piercer, Thunder Clap, Royal Ring, Oracle, Lich's Heart, Draconic Amulet, Goddess' Tear, Draconic Heartbeat, Angelic Strings

Special Resources

Magic chests may contain N? special resources. The resources that can be obtained from Magic Chests are the same resources from quests that drop the chests themselves. These are:


The following items have been found in Magic Chests. In terms of quantity, expect N? items per chest when their quality is Misc QGreatIcon, N? when Misc QEpicIcon, N? when Misc QFlawlessIcon, and 1 when Misc QLegendaryIcon.

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Wooden Chest Leather Chest Iron Chest Golden Chest Magic Chest Dwarvish Chest Primal Chest

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