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Musical Instruments

Basic Blueprints
Music Wood Flute Blueprint

Wood Flute
Level 3
Unlocked by Red Tunic

Music Small Drum Blueprint

Small Drum
Level 4
Unlocked by Wood Flute

Music Pan Flute Blueprint

Pan Flute
Level 7
Unlocked by Small Drum

Music Horn Blueprint

Level 9
Unlocked by Pan Flute

Music Harp Blueprint

Level 11
Unlocked by Horn

Music Lute Blueprint

Level 15
Unlocked by Harp

Music Long Flute Blueprint

Long Flute
Level 18
Unlocked by Lute

Music Oud Blueprint

Level 20
Unlocked by Long Flute

Music Nordic Lute Blueprint

Nordic Lute
Level 22
Unlocked by Oud

Music Military Tap Blueprint

Military Tap
Level 25
Unlocked by Nordic Lute

Music Silvered Flute Blueprint

Silvered Flute
Level 28
Unlocked by Military Tap

Music Soothing Harp Blueprint

Soothing Harp
Level 30
Unlocked by Silvered Flute

Music Golden String Blueprint

Golden String
Level 32
Unlocked by Soothing Harp

Music Hell Hound Blueprint

Hell Hound
Level 33
Unlocked by Golden String

Music Draconian Sound Blueprint

Draconian Sound
Level 35
Unlocked by Hell Hound

Music Twilight Flute Blueprint

Twilight Flute
Level 39
Unlocked by Draconian Sound

Music Ancient Horn Blueprint

Ancient Horn
Level 41
Unlocked by Twilight Flute

Chest Blueprints
Music Iron Flute Blueprint

Iron Flute
Level 12
Unlocked by Leather Chest

Music Frozen Harp Blueprint

Frozen Harp
Level 16
Unlocked by Iron Chest

Music Ygg Flute Blueprint

Ygg Flute
Level 26
Unlocked by Golden Chest

Music Wyrm Horn Blueprint

Wyrm Horn
Level 31
Unlocked by Golden Chest

Music Draconic Heartbeat Blueprint

Draconic Heartbeat
Level 38
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Music Angelic Strings Blueprint

Angelic Strings
Level 40
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Music Frostfire Harp Blueprint

Frostfire Harp
Level 45
Unlocked by Dwarvish Chest

Package Blueprints
Music Angelic Bell Blueprint

Angelic Bell
Level 46
Unlocked by Holiday Package

Music Wisdom Ocarina Blueprint

Wisdom Ocarina
Level 47
Unlocked by Wizard Package

City Raid Blueprints
Music Gaia's Flute Blueprint

Gaia's Flute
Level 49
Unlocked by Night Of The Curse (15,000 Ectoplasm)

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