Package blueprints cannot be found in chests or purchased with blueprint fragments. These blueprints are obtained from Packages that can only be bought with real money.

Special Packages, such as the Harvest Package or Snowy Package, consist of 3 blueprints and are/were only available for purchase for a limited time.

Also see the Micro-Transaction Store for more info.

Name Type Level Package
Shieldbreaker Mace 4 Warrior Package
Valkyrie Boots Boots 14 Warrior Package
Bulwark Shield 22 Warrior Package
Valkyrie Armor Armor 30 Warrior Package
Valkyrie Helm Helmet 40 Warrior Package
Valkyrie's Grip Gauntlets 47 Warrior Package
Kris Dagger 4 Ninja Package
Nimble Ring Ring 14 Ninja Package
Bladed Feather Projectile 22 Ninja Package
Valkyrie Touch Bow 30 Ninja Package
Valkyrie's Embrace Vest 40 Ninja Package
Loki's Mask Hats 48 Ninja Package
Druidic Shoes Footwear 4 Wizard Package
Wisdom Gloves Gloves 14 Wizard Package
Wisdom Potion Potion 22 Wizard Package
Njord Spell 30 Wizard Package
Valkyrie's Wisdom Staff 40 Wizard Package
Wisdom Ocarina Music 47 Wizard Package
Merchant's Armor Vests 7 Heroic Package #1
Tribarrel Guns 18 Heroic Package #1
Infinity Ring Rings 24 Heroic Package #1
Death Veil Hats 32 Heroic Package #1
Midas' Gloves Gloves 40 Heroic Package #1
Primal Dagger Daggers 50 Heroic Package #1
Druidic Axe Axes 6 Advanced Shopfare
Azure Beads Pendants 18 Advanced Shopfare
Giant's Hammer Maces 25 Advanced Shopfare
Obsidian Spear Spears 32 Advanced Shopfare
Balmung Swords 40 Advanced Shopfare
G.F.G. Guns 48 Advanced Shopfare
Midnight Sword Swords 6 Pack of All Trades
Jacket Vests 17 Pack of All Trades
Adventure's Boots Boots 24 Pack of All Trades
Adventure's Helm Helmets 32 Pack of All Trades
Adventure's Shield Shields 40 Pack of All Trades
Magic Beans Remedies 46 Pack of All Trades
Pumpkinhead Hat 8 Halloween 2015 Package
Reaper Axe 22 Halloween 2015 Package
Nightmare Cape Clothes 33 Halloween 2015 Package
Pumpkin Smasher Mace 13 Hollow Package
Hallowed Grip Gauntlets 32 Hollow Package
 ??? Helmets Hollow Package
Hallowed Striker Bows 13 Spooky Shop Package
Hallowed Stomper Boots 33 Spooky Shop Package
 ??? Armors Spooky Shop Package
Gaia's Javelin Spear 9 Harvest Package 2015
Gaia's Mantle Clothes 27 Harvest Package 2015
Jorou's Crown Hat 38 Harvest Package 2015
Hoe Axes 13 Fall Package
Harvest Shoes Footwear 33 Fall Package
 ??? Fall Package
Pitchfork Spear 11 Farmer Package
Cornucopia Remedy 33 Farmer Package
Sunflower Shield Shield 48 Farmer Package
Mistletoe Remedies 10 Holiday Package 2015
Candy Cane Pistol Guns 27 Holiday Package 2015
Angelic Bell Music 46 Holiday Package 2015
Festive Bombs Projectiles 14 Cheerful Package
Santa's Gloves Gloves 32 Cheerful Package
 ??? Cheerful Package
Eggnog Potion Potions 14 Snowy Package
Candy Cane Staff Staves 28 Snowy Package
Santa's List Spells 45 Snowy Package

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