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Basic Blueprints
Pendants Shiny Pendant Blueprint

Shiny Pendant
Level 3
Unlocked by Rabbit Ring

Pendants Opal Necklace Blueprint

Opal Necklace
Level 5
Unlocked by Shiny Pendant

Pendants Scarlet Drop Blueprint

Scarlet Drop
Level 6
Unlocked by Opal Necklace

Pendants Protection Pendant Blueprint

Protection Pendant
Level 8
Unlocked by Scarlet Drop

Pendants Luna Charm Blueprint

Luna Charm
Level 10
Unlocked by Protection Pendant

Pendants Skeleton Ward Blueprint

Skeleton Ward
Level 12
Unlocked by Luna Charm

Pendants Hanging Journal Blueprint

Hanging Journal
Level 14
Unlocked by Skeleton Ward

Pendants Fiery Talisman Blueprint

Fiery Talisman
Level 16
Unlocked by Hanging Journal

Pendants Timeless Locket Blueprint

Timeless Locket
Level 18
Unlocked by Fiery Talisman

Pendants Jade Amulet Blueprint

Jade Amulet
Level 20
Unlocked by Timeless Locket

Pendants Obelisk Charm Blueprint

Obelisk Charm
Level 22
Unlocked by Jade Amulet

Pendants Light Amulet Blueprint

Light Amulet
Level 25
Unlocked by Obelisk Charm

Pendants Phoenix Talon Blueprint

Phoenix Talon
Level 29
Unlocked by Light Amulet

Pendants Freezing Ward Blueprint

Freezing Ward
Level 31
Unlocked by Phoenix Talon

Pendants Cat's Eye Blueprint

Cat's Eye
Level 33
Unlocked by Freezing Ward

Pendants Trine Charm Blueprint

Trine Charm
Level 37
Unlocked by Cat's Eye

Pendants Ancient Amulet Blueprint

Ancient Amulet
Level 41
Unlocked by Trine Charm

Chest Blueprints
Pendants Wind Charm Blueprint

Wind Charm
Level 11
Unlocked by Leather Chest

Pendants Turning Token Blueprint

Turning Token
Level 24
Unlocked by Iron Chest

Pendants Shielding Ward Blueprint

Shielding Ward
Level 27
Unlocked by Golden Chest

Pendants Lich's Heart Blueprint

Lich's Heart
Level 35
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Pendants Draconic Amulet Blueprint

Draconic Amulet
Level 36
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Pendants Goddess' Tear Blueprint

Goddess' Tear
Level 38
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Pendants Frostfire Talisman Blueprint

Frostfire Talisman
Level 47
Unlocked by Dwarvish Chest

Pendants Gaia's Heart Blueprint

Gaia's Heart
Level 50
Unlocked by Primal Chest

Package Blueprints
Pendants Skadi's Charm Blueprint

Skadi's Charm
Level 35
Unlocked by Winter Package

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