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Basic Blueprints
Potions Health Vial Blueprint

Health Vial
Level 3
Unlocked by Alchemy

Potions Mana Vial Blueprint

Mana Vial
Level 4
Unlocked by Health Vial

Potions Speed Potion Blueprint

Speed Potion
Level 5
Unlocked by Mana Vial

Potions Love Splash Blueprint

Love Splash
Level 6
Unlocked by Speed Potion

Potions Healing Potion Blueprint

Healing Potion
Level 7
Unlocked by Love Splash

Potions Toxic Vial Blueprint

Toxic Vial
Level 8
Unlocked by Healing Potion

Potions Health Drink Blueprint

Health Drink
Level 10
Unlocked by Toxic Vial

Potions Strength Potion Blueprint

Strength Potion
Level 13
Unlocked by Health Drink

Potions Warming Spray Blueprint

Warming Spray
Level 15
Unlocked by Strength Potion

Potions Acidic Splash Blueprint

Acidic Splash
Level 17
Unlocked by Warming Spray

Potions Health Potion Blueprint

Health Potion
Level 20
Unlocked by Acidic Splash

Potions Mana Potion Blueprint

Mana Potion
Level 22
Unlocked by Health Potion

Potions Golden Potion Blueprint

Golden Potion
Level 28
Unlocked by Mana Potion

Potions Life Potion Blueprint

Life Potion
Level 31
Unlocked by Golden Potion

Potions Invincibility Potion Blueprint

Invincibility Potion
Level 33
Unlocked by Life Potion

Potions Twilight Potion Blueprint

Twilight Potion
Level 37
Unlocked by Invincibility Potion

Potions Clarity Potion Blueprint

Clarity Potion
Level 40
Unlocked by Twilight Potion

Chest Blueprints
Potions Elixir Drops Blueprint

Elixir Drops
Level 9
Unlocked by Wooden Chest

Potions Demon's Blood Blueprint

Demon's Blood
Level 24
Unlocked by Iron Chest

Potions Elixir Blueprint

Level 26
Unlocked by Golden Chest

Potions Dragon's Blood Blueprint

Dragon's Blood
Level 34
Unlocked by Golden Chest

Potions Megalixir Blueprint

Level 36
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Potions God's Essence Blueprint

God's Essence
Level 39
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Potions Obsidian Potion Blueprint

Obsidian Potion
Level 47
Unlocked by Dwarvish Chest

Potions Gaia's Essence Blueprint

Gaia's Essence
Level 50
Unlocked by Primal Chest

Package Blueprints
Potions Energizing Potion Blueprint

Energizing Potion
Level 9
Unlocked by Easter Package

Potions Wisdom Potion Blueprint

Wisdom Potion
Level 22
Unlocked by Wizard Package

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