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Explanation by Shiroe on Forum:

Q: Can someone explain in detail what the "Precraft" functionality is and how it works?
Note, only permanent precraft slot can be worth it. The 50 gems option that's either 1 item or 1 time is a waste...
Permanent precraft slots cost 250 gems for 1st slot, 500 gems for 2nd slot and keeps rising for the rest.
When buying a permanent precraft slot, one of your blue craft slots turns purple.
Buying a permanent precraft slot can only be done by trying to craft something needing not yet crafted precrafts while any permanent precraft slots you might already have are occupied.

Suppose you want to craft a Gutting Knife and have none of the precrafts needed.
You tap the permanent precraft slot (*), select Gutting Knife, then the game detects that Gutting Knife needs Dirk as precraft and Dirk needs Knife as precraft. It then checks if you have all resources needed to craft [b]all 3[/b] of the items.
If you have all the needed resources, and tap to craft, the craft times of all 3 items get added together and it starts crafting your Gutting Knife instead of first having to manually craft the Knife and Dirk before you can start on the Gutting Knife.

A permanent precraft slot can't throw dice, so they can't help you if the precrafts required need to be of higher quality than standard.
For ex. iron chest recipe Aegis requires "great" Tower Shields as precraft, but Tower Shield only masters to "good", so the precraft slot can't add anything there compared to a normal craft slot. This also applies to some high-level non-chest recipes.

(*) some smartness is built into the game: if you tap another slot to craft something needing not yet crafted precrafts while a precraft slot is free, it will recognise that and relocate the craft to the precraft slot

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