Rampaging Orcs

Orcish Raider
Quest OrcishValleyIcon
Thomas Icon: "To arms soldiers! Time for you and your neighbors to prove your worth. Defeat the Orcish raiders and protect the city!"

Run Times

  • Friday February 5th 00:00 UTC to Sunday February 7th 23:59 UTC. Old Raid
  • Friday April 1st 00:00 UTC to Sunday April 3rd 23:59 UTC.


Information Table
Difficulty Rating: 1 2 3
Recommended Power: 250 Misc PowerIcon 10,000 Misc PowerIcon 45,000 Misc PowerIcon
Group Power Required: 750 Misc PowerIcon 35,000 Misc PowerIcon 250,000 Misc PowerIcon
Artefact Drop: 1-2 Orcish Standard 3-5 Orcish Standard 6-10 Orcish Standard
Loot Advantage Heroes:  ??  ??  ??


Rewards Table
Levels 1-9
Reward Level: CastleLevel1Icon CastleLevel2Icon CastleLevel3Icon CastleLevel4Icon CastleLevel5Icon CastleLevel6Icon CastleLevel7Icon CastleLevel8Icon CastleLevel9Icon
Player Level Required: Level Lvl5Icon Level Lvl6Icon Level Lvl7Icon Level Lvl8Icon Level Lvl10Icon Level Lvl12Icon Level Lvl14Icon Level Lvl16Icon Level Lvl18Icon
Orcish Standards Required: 25 Orcish Standard 75 Orcish Standard 125 Orcish Standard 200 Orcish Standard 300 Orcish Standard 400 Orcish Standard 500 Orcish Standard 600 Orcish Standard 750 Orcish Standard
Week 1
Reward: 10k Coin 10 Misc GemIcon 25k Coin 15 Misc GemIcon Key chest wood 50k Coin 20 Misc GemIcon Key chest wood 125k Coin
Week 2
Levels 10-18
Reward Level: 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Player Level Required: Level Lvl20Icon Level Lvl21Icon Level Lvl22Icon Level Lvl23Icon Level Lvl24Icon Level Lvl25Icon Level Lvl26Icon Level Lvl27Icon Level Lvl28Icon
Orcish Standards Required: 1,000 Orcish Standard 1,250 Orcish Standard 1,500 Orcish Standard 1,750 Orcish Standard 2,000 Orcish Standard 2,500 Orcish Standard 3,000 Orcish Standard 3,500 Orcish Standard 4,000 Orcish Standard
Week 1
Reward: Key chest leather 25 Misc GemIcon 250k Coin Key chest leather 500k Coin Key chest iron 25 Misc GemIcon 3 Adamantium 1M Coin
Week 2
Levels 19-25
Reward Level: 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 N/A N/A
Player Level Required: Level Lvl29Icon Level Lvl30Icon Level Lvl31Icon Level Lvl32Icon Level Lvl33Icon Level Lvl34Icon Level Lvl35Icon
Orcish Standards Required: 4,500 Orcish Standard 5,000 Orcish Standard 6,000 Orcish Standard 7,500 Orcish Standard 10,000 Orcish Standard 12,500 Orcish Standard 15,000 Orcish Standard N/A N/A
Week 1
Reward: 3 Ancient Essence 30 Misc GemIcon 5M Coin 1 Shard of Gaia Key chest gold 1 Primordial Horn Armors Oracle's Armor Blueprint N/A N/A
Week 2
Reward: N/A N/A

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