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Basic Blueprints
Rings Iron Band Blueprint

Iron Band
Level 2
Unlocked by Boiled Leather

Rings Rabbit Ring Blueprint

Rabbit Ring
Level 4
Unlocked by Iron Band

Rings Jewel Ring Blueprint

Jewel Ring
Level 5
Unlocked by Rabbit Ring

Rings Shadow Mark Blueprint

Shadow Mark
Level 6
Unlocked by Jewel Ring

Rings Crescent Ring Blueprint

Crescent Ring
Level 7
Unlocked by Shadow Mark

Rings Moonstone Ring Blueprint

Moonstone Ring
Level 9
Unlocked by Crescent Ring

Rings Luck Band Blueprint

Luck Band
Level 11
Unlocked by Moonstone Ring

Rings Soldier's Mark Blueprint

Soldier's Mark
Level 13
Unlocked by Luck Band

Rings Fire Band Blueprint

Fire Band
Level 16
Unlocked by Soldier's Mark

Rings Sight Band Blueprint

Sight Band
Level 19
Unlocked by Fire Band

Rings Undead Ring Blueprint

Undead Ring
Level 21
Unlocked by Sight Band

Rings Power Ring Blueprint

Power Ring
Level 23
Unlocked by Undead Ring

Rings Wisdom Mark Blueprint

Wisdom Mark
Level 28
Unlocked by Power Ring

Rings Resistance Band Blueprint

Resistance Band
Level 31
Unlocked by Wisdom Mark

Rings Truth Ring Blueprint

Truth Ring
Level 33
Unlocked by Resistance Band

Rings Fallen Angel Ring Blueprint

Fallen Angel Ring
Level 37
Unlocked by Truth Ring

Rings Lich Ring Blueprint

Lich Ring
Level 41
Unlocked by Fallen Angel Ring

Chest Blueprints
Rings Gold Digger Blueprint

Gold Digger
Level 12
Unlocked by Leather Chest

Rings Crusader Ring Blueprint

Crusader Ring
Level 25
Unlocked by Golden Chest

Rings Prayer Ring Blueprint

Prayer Ring
Level 27
Unlocked by Golden Chest

Rings Divine Mark Blueprint

Divine Mark
Level 34
Unlocked by Golden Chest

Rings Royal Ring Blueprint

Royal Ring
Level 36
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Rings Oracle Blueprint

Level 39
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Rings Azure Ring Blueprint

Azure Ring
Level 45
Unlocked by Dwarvish Chest

Rings Antimagic Band Blueprint

Antimagic Band
Level 50
Unlocked by Primal Chest

Package Blueprints
Rings Nimble Ring Blueprint

Nimble Ring
Level 14
Unlocked by Ninja Package

Rings Dynamic Ring Blueprint

Dynamic Ring
Level 32
Unlocked by Easter Package

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