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Shields are items used by customers in an ancillary slot. You can craft those by using Wood Working, Metal Working and Armor Crafting. Shields are discovered by crafting the Wooden Spear several times.


Basic Blueprints
Shields Targe Blueprint

Level 2
Unlocked by Wooden Spear

Shields Buckler Blueprint

Level 3
Unlocked by Targe

Shields Small Shield Blueprint

Small Shield
Level 5
Unlocked by Buckler

Shields Heater Shield Blueprint

Heater Shield
Level 6
Unlocked by Small Shield

Shields Kite Shield Blueprint

Kite Shield
Level 9
Unlocked by Heater Shield

Shields Tower Shield Blueprint

Tower Shield
Level 11
Unlocked by Kite Shield

Shields Moonlight Shield Blueprint

Moonlight Shield
Level 14
Unlocked by Tower Shield

Shields Knight Shield Blueprint

Knight Shield
Level 17
Unlocked by Moonlight Shield

Shields Venomous Buckler Blueprint

Venomous Buckler
Level 20
Unlocked by Knight Shield

Shields Reflective Shield Blueprint

Reflective Shield
Level 23
Unlocked by Venomous Buckler

Shields Skeleton Shield Blueprint

Skeleton Shield
Level 25
Unlocked by Reflective Shield

Shields Spiked Shield Blueprint

Spiked Shield
Level 27
Unlocked by Skeleton Shield

Shields Ember Shield Blueprint

Ember Shield
Level 29
Unlocked by Spiked Shield

Shields Argus' Shield Blueprint

Argus' Shield
Level 31
Unlocked by Ember Shield

Shields Blessed Aegis Blueprint

Blessed Aegis
Level 34
Unlocked by Argus' Shield

Shields Hawk Shield Blueprint

Hawk Shield
Level 38
Unlocked by Blessed Aegis

Shields Twilight Aegis Blueprint

Twilight Aegis
Level 41
Unlocked by Hawk Shield

Chest Blueprints
Shields Protector Blueprint

Level 8
Unlocked by Wooden Chest

Shields Fire Proof Blueprint

Fire Proof
Level 18
Unlocked by Iron Chest

Shields Aegis Blueprint

Level 21
Unlocked by Iron Chest

Shields Crystal Shield Blueprint

Crystal Shield
Level 30
Unlocked by Golden Chest

Shields Dragon Skull Blueprint

Dragon Skull
Level 37
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Shields Giantshield Blueprint

Level 39
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Shields Medusa Buckler Blueprint

Medusa Buckler
Level 47
Unlocked by Dwarvish Chest

Shields Oracle Shield Blueprint

Oracle Shield
Level 50
Unlocked by Primal Chest

Package Blueprints
Shields Bulwark Blueprint

Level 16
Unlocked by Warrior Package