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Each storage container counts as one piece of furniture. There are three types of storage containers: Cupboard, Chest, and Shelves. Your storage maximum is for both all of your Crafted Items and the maximum amount you can of each Rare Resource. Rare resources do not occupy storage space, but they are capped at your maximum storage space. Placing a storage container into your warehouse does not destroy equipment or rare resources. For example, let's say the only containers you have are two 21-capacity chests, filled with 30/42 pieces of equipment, and that you have 25/42 of each rare resource. Placing a chest into your warehouse will make 30/21 equipment and 25/21 of each rare resource.

Storage containers all upgrade the same:

Level Capacity Cost Gem Upg Time
Level Lvl1Icon Chest 10 Gold 250 Gem 10 Time instant
Level Lvl2Icon Chest 12 Gold 500 Gem 25 Time 1m
Level Lvl3Icon Chest 15 Gold 1k Gem 50 Time 2m
Level Lvl4Icon Chest 18 Gold 2,5k Gem 75 Time 5m
Level Lvl5Icon Chest 21 Gold 10k Gem 100 Time 15m
Level Lvl6Icon Chest 24 Gold 25k Gem 125 Time 30m
Level Lvl7Icon Chest 28 Gold 50k Gem 150 Time 1h
Level Lvl8Icon Chest 32 Gold 100k Gem 175 Time 2h
Level Lvl9Icon Chest 36 Gold 250k Gem 200 Time 4h
Level Lvl10Icon Chest 40 Gold 500k Gem 225 Time 8h
Level Lvl11Icon Chest 45 Gold 1m Gem 250 Time 16h
Level Lvl12Icon Chest 50 Gold 5m Gem 275 Time 1d
Level Lvl13Icon Chest 55 Gold 10m Gem 300 Time 1d12h
Level Lvl14Icon Chest 60 Gold 20m Gem 350 Time 2d
Level Lvl15Icon Chest 80 Gold 50m Gem 500 Time 3d
Chest Wardrobe Shelf

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