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The first type of Chest found in the game. Wooden chests can be found in the following dungeons: City Sewers, Forbidden Meadow, Gloomy Manor, and Haunted Forest.

They can also be bought from the Trade House

  • Wooden Chests can be automatically opened for 25 Misc GemIcon.
  • Note: Since the release of Special Orders, Wooden Chest Keys can be found cheaper in the Trade House



Staves Bishop Staff Blueprint

, Bows FalconEyeBlueprint Morning Star Blueprint, White Dagger

Garments: Elven Boots, Moon Boots, Robin's Hood Blueprint , Venomous Hands

Accessories: Colored Powder, Elixir Drops, Shields ProtectorBlueprint

Special Resources

Wooden chests may contain 10, 15, 20, 30, or even (very rarely) 50 special resources. Types of resources: Shiny Gem SResource ShinyGemIcon, Elven Dew SResource ElvenDewIcon, Iron Wood SResource IronWoodIcon, Burning Ember SResource BurningEmber.


The following items have been found in Wooden Chests. In terms of quantity, expect 2-3 items per chest when their quality is Misc QGreatIcon, 1-2 when Misc QEpicIcon, 1-2 when Misc QFlawlessIcon, and 1 when Misc QLegendaryIcon.

Reward probabilities

Based on data from 40 wooden chests opened at once:

  • 8 chests contained blueprints,
  • 5 contained epic items (1 item per chest),
  • 9 flawless items (1 or 2 items per chest),
  • 6 good/great (1-3 per chest),
  • 4 legendary (1 per chest),
  • 12 resources (10-30 per chest).

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