You begin Shop Heroes with 2 workers. Once hired, workers incur no additional costs unless you choose to fire them.

Workers can be fired and swapped with other workers, but rehiring comes at a price depending on their level. Their skills can also be reset at any time, for 150% of their hiring price.

Worker Level Tier 1 Hire Tier 1 Reset Tier 2 Hire Tier 2 Reset Tier 3 Hire Tier 3 Reset


200 N/A 10K N/A 250K N/A


3 335 16K 24K
4 495 742 20K 30K 350K 525K
5 665 997 24K 36K


28.5K 42.75K
7 33.5K 50.25K 485K 727.5K



1.875K 38.5K 65.25K 535K 802.5K
9 2.18K 43.5K 65.25K 585K 877.5K
10 2.47K 49K 73.5K 640K 960K
11 1.9K 2.85K 54.5K 81.75K 695K 1.04M
12 60K 90K 750K 1.13M
13 2.35K 3.525K 66K 99K 810K 1.22M
14 71.5K 107.25K 865K 1.3M
15 2.8K 4.2K 77.5K 116.25K 925K 1.39M
16 3.0k 4,57k 84K 126K 990K 1.49M
17 3.3K 4.95K 90K 135K 1.05M 1.58M
18 3,55k 5,33k 96.5K 144.75K 1.1M 1.65M
19 105K 157.5K 1.2M 1.8M
20 4.05K 6.075K 110K 165K 1.28M 1.88M
21 115K 172.5K
22 120K 180K
23 130K 195K
25 145K 217.5K
26 150K 225K

Additional worker slots may be purchased in your shop. You must meet the level requirement to pay with Coins. You may bypass the level requirement and coin cost by paying with Gems.

Workers Level Required Coin Price Gem Price
2 Free during tutorial
3 Level Lvl12Icon Gold 20,000 Gem 250
4 Level Lvl18Icon Gold 100,000 Gem 500
5 Level Lvl24Icon Gold 1,000,000 Gem 1000
6 Level Lvl30Icon Gold 50,000,000 Gem 2000
7 Level Lvl36Icon Gold 500,000,000 Gem 3000
8 Level Lvl44Icon 44 Gold 1,000,000,000 Gem 5000

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